As optometrists or optometry students, you may have heard about different Eyecare conferences happening every year. Speakers from all over the country gather together to impart a world of knowledge and discoveries in optometry to the attendees.

It is not only a great place to learn more about eye care, it is also a platform where people with a shared interest of optometry can interact with each other and find a sense of community, especially for a conference specific to corporate ods.

Here are a number of reasons why you should check out the conference hosted by CODA.

Demonstration of New Technology

The conference will have an exhibit hall where you can check out latest eye care equipments and see how they operate. The technology will focus on what Corporate ODs really need and at affordable prices and sizes.

Not only do you get to see new technology in action right in front of your eyes, you also get to understand the mechanics of it. If you need help deciding which equipments would fit within your workflow, you can always ask the salespeople at these conferences.

Medical model will continue to grow in corporate optometry.


The one thing that can have lasting effects on your professional life is the advice you deliberately seek from fellow Corporate optometrists. You will be surprised to find solutions to many of your problems because these people can be in higher stages of their career as optometrists and may have had a similar journey.

Networking with corporate executives can help you secure the right sublease or letting them know about potential new locations to open a new store.

If you are smart, you can network with the salespeople and gain an insight about the most popular equipments in optometry today.They might offer discounts as well for CODA members.

Learning Opportunity

You’ll leave the conference with a wealth of new information. You’ll discover the newest trends in Eyecare, the best optometrist practices, and how to advance your career as an optometrist. Specific education directed to Corporate ODs on sublease contracts, lease negotiations, practice efficiency, working with optical staff and much more!

If you’re particularly interested in business development, there will be courses on that to Corporate ODs to make sure your business metrics are in line.

Attending such a conference will allow you to see where you stand in the world of corporate optometry, what the future looks like for optometrists, and how far you have to go to reach your truest potential.

It’s a great way to get acquainted with professionals in the same field as you and find a support system that truly understands your problems and your journey. Register for an event now and find your crowd. CODA can be a great resource to Corporate ODs.