How a Corporate OD Conference Can Help You

As optometrists or optometry students, you may have heard about different Eyecare conferences happening every year. Speakers from all over the country gather together to impart a world of knowledge and discoveries in optometry to the attendees. It is not only a great place to learn [...]

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How Joining the Corporate OD Alliance Can Help your Sublease

The corporate optometry is booming with plenty of new companies acquiring and opening new locations. Corporate optometrists setting up new practices need someone to help them deal with the challenging environment of starting, maintaining and building your sublease. This is where CODA, The Corporate OD Alliance [...]

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Envisioning the Future: 8 Things CODA can do to help Change Corporate Optometry

When it comes to corporate optometry, there are things that need to change. Many Corporate ODs enjoy working in this setting and it provides many benefits. The image of corporate optometry is based on myths in the industry.   What you need to know is [...]

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