By a Corporate OD for the Corporate OD

CORPORATE OD ALLIANCE (CODA), is a nationwide group organization FOCUSED on empowering the Corporate OD. CODA works with many other organizations in the industry to promote leadership, personal development and image of Corporate ODs in the industry. About Us


Being part of a network of Corporate ODs will help provide resources and alliances that create personal growth in your career. Be empowered by other ODs as you discuss success stories of being an employed OD, sublease holder or a Corporate OD that also practices in a different setting.


Being part of this large network will help guide you to industry information that can help expand your knowledge of corporate optometry and industry trends. Become familiar on best practices, sublease negotiations, contract renewals, exit strategies and much more!


Advocate for our profession and help expand the image of Corporate ODs in the industry. Help advance the profession all over the world. Partner with other associations in the industry to help advocate for solutions that affect Corporate ODs every day. Together we CHANGE and EVOLVE corporate optometry.

CODA is free to join, and members are not subject to monthly or annual fees

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